Remember What Closets Are For!!

You’ve heard us talk about it on our radio show. . .

You’ve read teasers over the past three months . . .

You may have read the lead-in article in The Advocate or Out! magazines. . .

But now. . .

. . .It goes live in less than a week!!!


. . .and the men they sleep with

Are you ready to read the truth about the DL guys ya know and love in the QCA??

This tell all diatribe has garnered many deep breaths, a few up-turned eye brows, and one, “OMFG you wouldn’t dare publish this JT!”. Clearly they do not know JT very well!!

Not only do AJ and JT dare to say fuck society and its blathering niceties. They say FUCK YOU to these DL, lying, back stabbing, dick sucking, take it balls deep in the ass, closeted dudes and their fucked up ideas of masculinity, reality, sex, and manhood.

In a mere 120 days in the Iowa/Illinois Quad Cities, 43 DL encounters were had by two gay men – Ya guessed it – AJ and JT. Now 43 lives may change.

28 divorces may be filed. 

15 “committed” but not married couples may split up. 

7 individuals may face disciplinary action from licensing agencies in Iowa and Illinois. 

4 individuals may loose their assignments at the pulpit of the churches they serve. 

3 individuals may lose credentialing. 

2 individuals will be the social pariahs of the bi-state area and may never get a date again! (They are both good with that too, after all they have each other – LOL).

1 mission – to bring the truth out of the closet. 

1 217 page story.

1 point to make. 

1 lesson to teach. 

0 fucks to give. 

Join AJ and JT as they open your eyes to the truth about DL men in the Quad Cities USA.

Grab your Kleenex, paper towels, and wet wipes. . .

. . .It’s about to get messy up in here ladies an gentlemen!!

August 6, 2021 is the day.

4:15 PM CDT is the time. . .

Closet door security will NEVA be the same again folks!!

More to come every 12 hours until the closet doors come flying da fuq off and a few dishonest men face their day of reckoning and get the realest reality check of their lives!

Join us at 4:15 PM CDT on Friday, August 6th on It’s Real Talk Radio for a glimpse into the writing of, ” Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are – Remember Closets Are For Toys, Not Boys!”.

Str8 Boi Hookups.


AJ and JT discuss the trials and tribulations of str8 boy hookups — and one of them talks about tripping and falling in love with a DL dude he met while doing this project and the lengths he’s gone to in order to protect him and his reputation and the crap he’s put up with from the dude that maintains his heterosexuality even as JT performs fellatio on him.

You will not be disappointed. 

You will laugh and cry with the guys as they walk you through their experiences – some good, some bad, a couple heart wrenching, and one utterly heart breaking. All and each providing a teaching AND learning opportunity for the Quad Cities favorite homo writers and on air personalities, AJ and JT.

Questions may be submitted the day of the show beginning at 8:00 AM CDT via the comments section here. All questions submitted1 before the show and during the show shall be responded to. 20 questions will be selected for on-air responses, explanations, or answers. Questions posted prior to 8:00 AM CDT the day of the show will not be considered nor responded to.

Friday, August 6, 2021. . .

Be there!!

To be Str8 or not to be??

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