The Scoop on Google’s MUM Update

MUM’s The Word

mom scooping ice cream

Google is aiming to improve the user experience by overcoming language barriers and providing content that users might not otherwise see. The company launched its Multitask Unified Model (MUM) update in June 2021. The move is intended to make search more intuitive and to provide answers to more complex questions.

How the MUM Update Is Expected to Change Search

Before the MUM update, users might have to conduct multiple searches and ask several questions to gather the information they needed. The artificial intelligence behind MUM can now understand complex queries and provide information based on context. Users will also be able to include images and videos in their searches.

In the past, users might not have seen relevant content because it was written in a different language than the one they used in a search engine query. Users therefore could have missed out on rich and insightful content. That too will change as MUM can understand and translate content in 75 languages. The MUM update will also allow users to view more detailed information from a wider variety of sources and to get answers to their questions quickly.

Google intends to use feedback from users to learn more about how people seek information. It will use that data to improve MUM and to remove machine learning biases so it can improve the user experience.

What MUM Means for SEO and Online Content

With MUM, users will have access to a wider range of sources than they had previously. That makes it all the more important to provide quality content and to make the user experience a top priority. Online creators must focus on producing quality content that addresses questions that users are asking

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