Motel 6 – Moline, IL — Epic Fail!

Well after a three and a half week stay at this property, I must say it was a rollercoaster ride of an experience. The first two weeks we fantastic. Staff and manager very professional and respectful at all times.

First, week three, and the headboard I was told the night I checked in would be fixed “in a day or two” was still propped again the wall in the room I was assigned to. Suffice it to say, maintenance of this property is not high on the manager’s list of things to do at this property. I’m not certain which is more concerning to me, the headboard propped against the wall, the endless running of the toilet (reported three times during my stay), or the constant dripping of bath tub and sink faucets. As I said, maintenance is not a priority at this property.

Getting fresh towels was a challenge daily. Frequently during my stay I would have to ask multiple times during the day to get fresh towels. My requests were met with smart Alec responses such as, “do you wash your towels every day at home?” “Are you so filthy you have to get new towels and face cloths every day man?”

Another concern was the infrequency of bedding changes. In the three weeks I was at this motel, the only time the bedding was changed was when I changed it myself. When this event occurred, I asked an individual from housekeeping to provide me with a set of clean sheets as I had spilled soda on the bed. I was told I needed to “surrender” the dirty bedding in order to get clean linen. I surrendered the soiled sheets and bed spread as required. I did not receive replacement sheets or bed spread. Instead I was informed that I would need to wait for the laundry to be completed and ask for sheets. I asked multiple times the next two days without success in securing replacement sheets. Finally at 3:50 AM on the third day, I asked the manager who was working the overnight shift at the desk for sheets. I was informed she did not have clean sheets to give me but she would leave a message for housekeeping to locate sheets when the shift began in the morning.

On two separate occasions when I requested housekeeping assistance with my room I was advised that there would be a $15 charge for a member of the housekeeping crew to enter my room and clean it. I asked at the front desk the second time this demand for payment was made. The gentleman at the desk said, “I am not clear on that but it would not surprise me if the manager did something like that.” I am not aware of any US hotel or motel that charges a paying guest to clean his or her room.

Housekeeping overall is dismal at this property. That is a gross understatement quite frankly. In three weeks as a paying guest at this hotel my room was not once touched by housekeeping. Not one single time. I emptied my trash daily. I vacuumed my own room each day after securing the vacuum from a member of the housekeeping team. I wiped the surfaces in the room down with cleaner/disinfectant I purchased myself when I was informed on the third day of my stay that disinfecting or sanitizing supplies were not available. When I mentioned Covid and influenza transmission, I was curtly told that I was free to voice my concern about Covid to the public health office if I wished as Motel 6 was not running a medical clinic. This in the face of the website bragging about their “enhanced cleaning“.

The security doors located at the exits of the hotel were not secured at 10:00 PM any night that I was a paying guest at the hotel. Per posted signage at the property, all doors were to be secured at 10:00 PM for the safety of guests of the hotel. Simply did not happen a single night I was at the hotel. I know this because on multiple occasions I returned to Motel 6 well after 10:00 PM – I entered freely without the use of my pass key every time I returned to the motel. Additionally, on two occasions an individual with whom I work entered the motel to drop off materials for my use after midnight; said individual entered the motel via side door of the motel without a pass key; he was not stopped by staff (I suspect because staff was inattentive to the live feed video of the entrances). I voiced concern about this lapse to two individuals working the front desk. My concern was outright dismissed by one desk agent and snickered about by the other. I suggested removing the signage if the promised action posted was mere “lip service” to comply with some law or ordinance. This voiced concern, I believe, comes into play a couple days after I raised it the second time – more in a bit about this.

On two separate occasions an individual unknown to me was in my room. The initial incident was my first morning at the hotel. I was awakened by a female clad in only a towel over her genital area. I was startled by this as I know I shut the room door securely when I went to bed. I reported this to the individual working at the front desk at 6:42AM the morning of the incident. The same morning, another guest was at the desk complaining about presumably the same female – being naked in the hallway at his door attempting to get in to his room.

The second incident of persons unknown to me being in my room was my final day at the hotel. Late afternoon someone knocked at my door. I opened it. Two individuals pushed into my room demanding to talk to someone named Mitch. I explained that I was the only person in my room and did not know who this Mitch was. I asked the individuals to leave my room. Instead of leaving, they sat on my bed. One lit a cigarette. I asked him to put it out as I was in a non-smoking room (I think the entire property is non-smoking, not positive about that though). A few more minutes of them demanding to know where Mitch was passed and both of them got louder and louder. When I was able to get my cell phone from the bed side table drawer it was in, I told them to get out of my room or I was calling the police. At that point they both got up to leave my room.

As they were leaving the person working the desk was coming to my door presumably to see what the yelling had been about. To my surprise I was informed that A. I was being charged $150 due to, “. . .your guest was smoking inside. The policy prohibits smoking and informs all guests of the $150 fee if they are caught smoking.” When I told the employee that the individuals had push into my room demanding to know where Mitch was, she said she did not care. They were in my room and she was charging me the $150 fee. I was then told I was being “evicted” for having unauthorized persons in my room. I strongly objected and told the employee that I did not know the individuals nor had I “allowed” them into my room. The employee then called me a liar and said these individuals had been in my room multiple times. Absolutely false!

I was told to leave the hotel or the police would be called. I told the employee to go ahead and call the police if she felt it necessary; I informed her I was leaving the hotel and reversing the credit card charges for remaining days that had been paid for. The employee then informed me I would be arrested for fraud if I did so. I laughed and proceeded to call my credit card issuer to reverse the charges. (Reversal is pending awaiting the motel’s response to my dispute at the time of this writing).

When I asked the employee to put me in contact with the motel manager, to discuss this situation as well as concerns about a couple of other matters (prostitutes in three rooms and undeniable evidence of ongoing drug trafficking at the property which had been documented throughout my stay), I was told the manager was unreachable at this time. Ironically, although the staff member asserted that the manager was unreachable, she was in constant contact with the manager via text messaging which she told me about when she again told me I was no longer welcome at the property.

As I completed packing my possessions, the employee and an officer of the Moline Police Department came to my room door. The officer informed me that I must leave. I acknowledged such and agreed; further openned door so that he could see the fact that I was already packed and ready to exit the property!

Whilst exiting the motel with my property, the officer and employee ridiculed me due to my hearing impairment and related speech impediment. The employee said, “. . .all fake. Did you see how it got worse and worse as he packed? Disgusting faking a disability! And do you see how sweaty he got? Glad he’s gone.” The Moline Police Officer pointed out that volume of my speech was not consistent and went from loud to soft to loud and he suspected that I was on “something”. The drenching sweat, which happens frequently, is the result of a disease cralled M.E.N. Type 1 – this disease affects the endocrine system, in my case pancreas, parathyroid, pituitary, and adrenal glands. When large amounts of cortisol, the hormone secreted by the adrenal glands, enter the circulatory system, profuse sweating and flushing occur. In relation to the disease’s impact on my pancreas, the tumors there, called insulinomas, release huge amounts of insulin into my system. These insulin dumps result in dangerously low amounts of glucose being available to my body. Low glucose, hypoglycemia, presents in several ways including speech irregularities, mental confusion, profuse sweating, confusion, even loss of consciousness or death. It is appalling that a Motel 6 desk clerk and a Moline Police Officer would make fun of an individual due to physical and mental disabilities. The ignorance displayed in a public setting by these two individuals is reprehensible at best and is even further compounded by the fact that both are members of one or more marginalized groups themselves.

Graphic used with permission.

My hearing disability is well documented since my late teenage years. The hearing aids I have are not a part of some elaborate scheme or fraud – fraud of what I am uncertain as I gain nothing by having a 95% hearing loss bilaterally! I am embarrassed by my speech as prior to the infection causing my hearing loss I had beautiful vocal tone and excellent enunciation (per teachers and friends). I was an All State Speech title holder in two divisions (Persuasive and Extemporaneous). My hearing loss directly and negatively impacted that.

I feel very strongly that my “eviction” was a direct result of complaining about the poor services provided at this Motel 6 property, the motel’s failure to follow its own written policies and procedures, coupled with my complaints of prostitution and drug trafficking taking place at the hotel and the fact that the employee that facilitated my eviction from the property discovered that I write reviews of products and services regularly. I am aware of her “discovery” because she questioned me about how photos I posted in relation to reviews have over two million views and why people would read my reviews hundreds of thousands of times on Google and other sites.

I am aware that this review reflects only my observations and interactions at the Moline, Illinois Motel 6 property. As such I welcome any feedback from the management of Motel 6 – this review was provided to the Motel 6 manager via email and a message sent via the Motel 6 website (

NOTE: Photos used herein are non-copyrighted photos from the Motel 6 website (with notice to and permission from Motel 6 corporate) and are NOT representative of the motel located in Moline, Illinois in its current condition. Photos I took while a paying guest at the Motel 6 in Moline, Illinois are being reviewed by my counsel and the State’s Attorney Office to determine if anything in any of the photos or recordings violate any city, county, or state regulations, ordinances, administrative code provisions, or Illinois Statute as I photographed and/or recorded what appear to be multiple drug related transactions in the hotel as well as on the outside property as well as recorded at minimum two instances of me being propositioned for sex in exchange for cash or drugs. I will post the approved photos, videos, and audio recordings upon approval of counsel and State’s Attorney.

July 18, 2022 — **UPDATE** As I assured you when I wrote this post, I am updating you with new information. I received an apology from the corporate office.

While pretty clear that it is a boiler plate type communication, it is at least an indication of corporate taking notice of the complaint I sent and looking into it.

I am certain there is more to come! As always, I shall update you as I receive information.

Received on July 18, 2022

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