Just A Thought On A Thot. . .

What up I’m Mobile
Who’s this?
Lmk.  What ya trying to do n such man
So over the games n crap.  Why’d ya contact me only to go silent then?   Stupid shit
Just getting the message
Trying get some throat
Ah ok.    Ya have a place to go if ya,scoop me?  Roommates both off work today
Definitely ready to swallow ya
I’m trying to out
You got a spot
My room.  One of my roomies will be home.
But cool.
Is that a Problem
I come over
I’ll just come down to entry door to get ya and we will just go to my room n hang.
Bout an hour
Damn.  Ok
Hope so!
What happened this time!
See THIS is why I stopped messing with peeps up here.
Okie dokie
Remember ya did this bull shit AGAIN fuck tard.
So suck ur own dick
You busy
Need. A ride
Bet ya rethink that one!
How indeed. . .
Totally forgot these messages.  Do not worry – blocking here now too.  Just know you can always talk to me.   I mean it too.
Just KNOW you’re loved.

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