Has Peeps Gone Too Far?

Those who know me know that I love candy! And my friends who genuinely know me know that I love Peeps year-round! In the past I have looked forward to the new seasonal flavors Peeps releases. This Easter season has been a bump in the road for me in relation to flavors!

I will start by saying that I was hyped when i found out that there would be multiple flavors released. I mean, who would not be excited??!!??

Just when my excitement over the multiple flavors being released this spring simmered down, came a shocking announcement! Peeps was joining forces with Pepsi to release a peeps flavored soda!

I was overjoyed when I recently hit my local Walmart and found all of new flavors and the soda! Needless to say, I purchased one of each of the new products. It was paramount to striking gold!

First bite of the Hot Tamale Peeps was an immediate letdown. Sure there is cinnamon flavor lurking about However, the cinnamon is grossly overpowered by the sweetness that is Peeps!!

I began my taste test with the Hot Tamale flavored Peeps. I fully expected the nose clearing hot cinnamon flavor I know and love from childhood and beyond.

Sadly, Peeps’ Hot Tamale flavored candy is a miss with me. Better luck next time Peeps!

Again, Peeps you must do better next time around. Pretty disappointing spring line up for Peeps!

Up next, Peeps Sour Watermelon flavored treats. When I think of sour candy my mind goes to Sour Patch Kids with the sour punch with a hint of sweetness. Peeps seems to take a 180 degree turn and delivers super sweet with a hint of sour as the Chaney leaves the pallet. Quite confusing to my taste buds!

Peeps, your spring lineup is dismal at best. You must simply do better!


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