LinkedIn — The Untold Story!

12 months
365 days
128 posts
11K+ peeps
27,919 words

And a lifetime of learnings.

June 21, 2007, I joined LinkedIn.

For nearly 13 years, my account sat dormant.

(Crickets, y’all.)

Until June 2020. One year ago.

12 months of creating. 12 months of learning. 12 months of growth. 12 months of community.

If you are wondering if creating, connecting, conversing and communicating on LinkedIn is worth it…

Here are 12 things I’ve learned that may inspire you to speak up, stand up, show up — and write up!

  1. Cultivate
    Relationships with wise leaders, mentors, peers and mentees
  2. Curate
    Content that inspires you, motivates you, teaches you and challenges you
  3. Connect
    With the real ‘real’ people behind the real ‘real’ words
  4. Converse
    Strike up conversations without wanting anything other than to give
  5. Create
    A lot or a little. But just create content and create it in a way that works for you
  6. Comment
    Each and every day. It’s the best way to start finding your voice, your words and your people
  7. Captivate
    Use your words, your story, your expertise to capture attention — and keep it — in your creation
  8. Capture
    Make a repository of all your posts and content offline. You won’t regret it!
  9. Challenge
    Yourself to start, jump in, comment, communicate and create more!
  10. Care
    About others. Their view, their differences, their uniqueness. Always. Care about their time, their comments, their words, their worth
  11. Change
    …It up! If you’re not having fun or reaching your spoken or unspoken goals, change up something, anything, until you do
  12. Community
    Last but NOT least, find your people. Those who inform you and those who inspire you

Because when you go all in on LinkedIn, the incredible LinkedIn community goes all in on you.

So, create, converse, connect and communicate.

And as you do, and as you do as you, you’ll find your voice, your words, your style—and your people.

And the people? Well, that’s truly what makes every word, every post and every day here worthwhile.

If you are on LinkedIn, what have you learned??

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