Observing National Recovery Month 2022

In 1784, Dr. Benjamin Rush first proposed the idea that addiction was a disease and should be treated as any other medical condition. Since then, various societies, organizations and government agencies have undertaken the cause of helping people regain their sobriety. In 2022, President Biden made an official proclamation that September was to be known as National Recovery Month. Along with this proclamation, he pledged 26 million dollars to aid in the prevention, treatment and recovery efforts of those who are fighting addictions.

Recovery Month’s Story

Started in 1989  by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Recovery Month was intended not only to raise awareness of addictions and its related issues, but also as a celebration of those who had successfully beaten their addictions.

Recovery Month 2022 is now the responsibility of Faces and Voices of Recovery. Instead of a new theme every year, they have decide to adopt a tagline for the entire organization, “Every Person, Every Family, Every Community’” They hope that this motto will remind people that no individual, family or area is immune to the effects of addictions and that by coming together we can help all of those who battle addictions.

Faces and Voices of Recovery hope that each September they can report on new, effective treatments for addiction. They also want to encourage and support those who have begun their journey to sobriety and the healthcare professionals that help them.

Observing Recovery Month 2022

There are many ways to observe Recovery Month. It may be as simple as looking yourself in the mirror and reminding yourself how far you have come in  your journey to sobriety. If you are not the one in recovery, then hug a loved one who is and tell them you support them. 

If you want a more public way to celebrate, you can visit the Faces and Voices of Recovery website and leave your story. You can also check with your state and local governments. Many of them are offering events to celebrate and encourage those who are working toward sobriety.

Battling Addiction: A Mental and Physical Journey

While the effects of addictions are often physical, the underlying conditions that led to the addiction in the first place may well be emotional. It is vital that a recovering addict take the steps to understand their emotional need for their addiction while battling their physical need for it. Perhaps this is why the word “recovery” is often used to describe the healing journey of those who fight addictions as well as those who battle mental illness.

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